About the Project

YOUTHopia Project in a nutshell.

The main purpose of the project is to raise awareness of the concrete benefits offered by Cohesion Policy to boost the economic and social well-being of citizens and regions through programmes, projects and services, with a focus on youth employment, and the transition towards a green and climate-neutral Europe.  YOUTHopia aims to foster the engagement and long-lasting capacity of regions, young beneficiaries and media professionals across Europe to communicate about Cohesion policy.

Through the enhanced use of multiple digital platforms, products, and audiovisual storytelling, as well as large-scale events and jobs fairs, the Action promotes stories and faces of Cohesion policy’s success in these territories, while reaching out to a larger audience by means of a campaign relaunch at the transnational stage.

On its side, Babel International develops media partnerships with regional media outlets in each region, whereby they sign an editorial chart defining to guide them in the creation and dissemination of innovative media content, providing the campaign media coverage at the local level. 


Anna Comacchio, Project Manager

([email protected])

Partners’ role and participating regions.

The YOUTHopia consortium is composed of two organisations, AER and Babel International (CaféBabel), a multilingual online magazine created in 2001, which works together with professionals around Europe and produces stories, videos, podcasts and “social media first” journalistic content, to narrate the daily life of young Europeans, opportunities and challenges at EU-level.

AER is involving 5 AER members as flagship regions, these being:

  • Eastern Slovenia (Development Council of the Cohesion Region Eastern Slovenia);
  • Western Slovenia (Development Council of Cohesion Region Western Slovenia);
  • Donegal County Council;
  • Union of Cyprus Municipalities;
  • Košice Self-governing region.

Babel International and AER will then work together to launch the campaign at European level with exciting content production in English, French, German and Italian featuring in Ereb.eu and CaféBabel…don’t miss any!